November 9th - 11th


**Important Game Jam Information**

Game Jam Schedule

Location: Gerhard Casper Dining

Discord Link


  • What the heck is a game jam?

    • It's like a hackathon, but with games! The emphasis is much more on creativity, storytelling, and novelty than on making a "product" really quickly.There's also a showcase at the end where you can compete for some cool prizes and meet with judges that work in the industry.

  • What if I don’t know how to make a game?

    • We’re happy to teach you! Before and during the main event, we’ll be hosting workshops to teach you how to use common tools and frameworks that allow anyone to make a game. And if coding is not your jam and you're looking to flex your art, writing, or music skills, then we'll be connecting you with people who do know how to code, as well as helping people make board games and social games! 

  • What does it cost? 

    • Nothing!

  • Who can come? 

    • Any currently enrolled Stanford Student.

  • Who are you guys? 

    • We’re SVGA Dev, a new branch of Stanford Video Game Association that’s focused on video game development! 

 What is SVGA Dev?

  • A weekly workplace for game development on campus

    • Whether you’re making a game on your own for class, or looking to start or join a new project, we’re happy to have you with us!

  • Game Jams

    • On occasion we will be hosting Stanford Game Jams, where students of all backgrounds can come together to make games in a 36 hour period! No experience required.

  • Meeting Schedule

    • Every Thursday 7-10pm @ School of Education rm 130!


  • Classes

    • CS 377g - Designing Serious Games

    • CS 146 - Game Dev in Unity (next year!)

    • CS 11 - VR/AR

    • English 190T - Video Game Writing

  • Youtube guides

  • Other campus resources

    • Green library: free to use consoles & games

    • Roble Arts Gym: Sundays 5-6pm VR open space for asset creation

  • Online resources


    • wayback machine

 How to join our Discord server/mailing list